News Photography

Below is a sample of some of my news photography. Primarily I do protest journalism, however I do more tame photography as well. As a journalist who has covered protests in New York City, Oakland, Charlotte and Tampa Bay, I know how to find myself at the heart of a protest. And I am not afraid to get close to the action either. While other photojournalists stay in the barricaded media pens, I go where the protests go — and on at least one occasion the NYPD has arrested me for it!

Occupy Wall Street

Riot police guard the entrance to the Capital Grille on East 42 Street
Protesters block traffic on East 41 Street
Wildcat protesters are arrested on Houston Street
At the Wildcat march, many protesters wear black
Black-clad protesters take the streets of Chinatown
Protesters march in the streets of Midtown
NYPD Intelligence Division Chief Thomas Galati watches a baby go by Pine Street as police arrest a National Lawyers Guild member
A Black-bloc protester flees from police on Broadway
A plainclothes NYPD officer is accosted by two black-clad protesters on Broadway
Business as usual at Wall Street and Broadway
Protesters fill the streets of Chinatown
Intelligence Chief Galati screams at an Occupy Wall Street medic as protesters are arrested behind him, on Houston Street
NYPD deputy inspector and captain aid an arrest at Wall Street and Broadway while others arrest a retired bishop
NYPD TARU sergeant and detective gather intelligence in 12 megapixel HD

Occupy Oakland

Protesters take the streets at dusk
Occupy Oakland's Tent City
"During the raid and the riot, EMS was not responding at all to this area, I know this because I have a police scanner, so I just fell into action" -MJ De La Cruz, 24, Occupy Oakland medical team driver
Luxury three-bedroom apartment on the amphitheater, occupied
Oakland Police Department officers hand out flyers telling protesters that they are trespassing
The entrance to Oscar Grant Plaza, formerly known as Frank Ogawa Plaza
The amphitheater has become a vital community meeting ground
Protesters take to the streets in solidarity with the rebels in Cairo
City Hall

Public Officials

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and Guardian Angels Founder Curtis Sliwa recount the good-old-days
Ray and Veronica Kelly go for a stroll
NYPD Chief of Department Joseph Esposito
Introducing Senator Chuck Schumer
More Chuck Schumer
Former New York Mayor David Dinkins