Welcome to my site. My name is John, and I'm a software developer from New York. I also perform systems administration, database services and security consulting. I have a no-nonsense approach to security and a keen eye towards durability, speed and efficiency of design.

With more than 14 years of experience building applications for New York businesses, and many years more writing programs for myself, I have solved my fair share of problems. Memory leaks, dangling references, timezone mismatches — I know the common pitfalls well and can avoid them the first time around. Suffering from copy-paste fever? I write all my code for maximum re-use: if the same routine is written out more than once, I consider it a software bug.

Are your queries hanging out too long? You probably need to re-write them, or cache them — or both. Never do a full-table scan again by building smart indexes and designing efficient tables. Feeling loopy? Build the right hash tables and never iterate the same list twice. Drowning in boiler-plate? Try offloading redundant logic to the network layer and get your line count to zero!

Old code got you down? Code maintainability is paramount to the success of any business, and I've been around long enough to understand why. Whether the code was written five years ago or yesterday, it should never hold your company hostage. Every minute saved cutting corners can waste days or weeks to labor inefficiency — I never write a whopper (unless you put a gun to my head).

Russian hackers foil your plans again? Security is never an after thought. Whether it's your business secrets or your client's cookies, there is no excuse for lack of encryption. Cross-site scripting attacks keeping you up at night? Leave no user-input unturned, sanitize with abandon. Have an old user table with plaintext passwords? It's never too late to add security, and it can be done seamlessly with zero downtime.

Good security is more than safe coding: it doesn't matter if you have NSA-level code if the admin password is 'password123' ... Everyone, technical and non-technical, must do their part for effective security. I can consult your company on best security practices, such as using end-to-end email encryption and password managers.

I also pursue investigative journalism and provide data services for journalists, such as data scraping and database building, data analysis and interactive visualization, such as maps. Know a government website with thousands of malformed pages of unusable "public data"? Nothing is more satisfying to me than liberating obfuscated government data.

Whether you need someone to manage your network, build you a software appliance, scrape data for your story, build visualizations for your website — I can do all these things. Send me an email to get in touch. Please use encryption for sensitive topics.